Curtain Automation

SELVE Radio drive technology

  • Available in 40, 50 & 60 mm dia. Torque 4 to 120 Nm & Speed 12 to 75 Rpm
  • Radio transmission at 868 MHz frequency w hich is free from interference
  • Controlled by Remote and by 3rd party automation
  • Patented group seperation for easy changes
  • The direction of rotatio n is automatically assigned
  • If torques are too high in upward direction, an overload protection is engaged
  • Motors possess an additional intermediate position

SELVE Wired drive technology

  • Available in 40, 50 & 60 mm dia. Torque 4 to 120 Nm & Speed 12 to 75 Rpm
  • Spindle limit switch system with microswitch & patented protection against overturning
  • Reduction of instalation-width due to universal motor head
  • Easy to set using ball-headed setting aid
  • Sophisticated adapter system enab es the motor to be adapted to all
  • conventional shafts
  • No top stopper required, due toposition controlled shut-off system

SELVE NHK drive with manua over-ride

  • Available in 50 & 60 mm dia. Torque 11 to 17 Nm & Speed 10 to 120 Rpm
  • When the power supp y is interrupted, the shutters & awnings can be opened manua y using the emergency crank.
  • Simple setting & installation in an usua manner
  • Sturdy construction
  • Sophisticated adapter system enables the motor to be adapted to all conventional shafts
  • No top stopper required, due to position control ed shut- off system

SELVE SEZ drive for Z ip - Screens

  • Available in 40 & 50 mm dia. Torque 4 to 40 Nm & Speed 15 to 28 Rpm
  • Smooth & soft approach up to the upper end imit to protect the complete system
  • Minimal tension-reduction function in upper end position, which protects the fabric
  • Automatic rotation direction
  • Automatic balancing of fabric screen length
  • Manual end limit position adjustment is possible

FOX Domotics Indoor Motorized Sun-Shading System

Motorized roller blinds use tubular motor as driving force.Only by switc hing on the power,it is easy to operate and runs quietly and steadily. It is an upgraded product for manual roller blinds.The motor is mounted directly in the a luminum driving tube,which reduces curtain case volume, avoids outside inf luence on motor and increases the relia bility of structure. Motorized roller blinds have multiĀ­ f unctions of anti-ult raviolet, green-energy, landsca ping, interior-space saving, etc. By Fox remote control system,va riety of intelligent control could be released to meet user's requirement of high qua lity. It suits for various off ice sites and apartment buildings.

Interior roller blinds are mainly used in public buildings like off ices,convention centers, well as hotel and apartment. For its novelty and diver sity of f abric options,designer combines it with other interior decor skillf ully, whic h enables its increasing use in f ive-sta r hotel rooms, villas high-level apartment bedrooms and so on.

Indoor motorized venetian blinds use aluminum alloy slat to adiust and guide the light by the ropewinder system to drive the blinds up and down .Indoor Venetian blinds install indoor or between double- layer glass. It's easy to be cleaned, maintained and installed, so it has long using life. Comparing with the outdoor venetian blinds,the cost of construction is lower,meanwhile,it has no inf luence on the building str ucture. Indoor motorized venetian blinds is widely used in off ice building hotel,reading room,meeting room partition wa ll,bathroom and washroom partition wa ll,etc. Indoor motorized venetian blinds can be used separately and also can be used with othr window products.

Aluminum alloy venetia n blinds: the main choosing reasons are color,hole opening and coated f abric's heat emission effect, the main f uction appeals are light adiusting, sun-shading and heat insulation.The width of the slat is 25mm and 35mm,the maximum width will not exceed 50mm.

In recent years,w ith more and more motorized venetian blinds are widely used in the starred hotel, 5A off ice building and other high-end places,the system's demand to the noise is higher and higher, Fox Domotics quiet motor has special quiet device which can meet mute effect requirement.

Indoor motorized wooden venetian blinds is widely used in off ice building, hotel, reading room, partition wa ll,bathroom and washroom partition wa ll,etc.

Indoor wooden venetian blinds:the main choosing reasons are color,the main f unction appea ls are lighting adiust and interior decoration: it's mainly used in hotel room and residence;the width of the slat is 50mm and 35mm

A f abulous window furnishing idea for the period or federation home,these traditional scalloped blinds have a voluptuous and decorative look a true feature for a room. Gather ed in sty le,they create a beautiful, luxurious blind perfect for adding f ringing too.

Add richness and appeal to your decor with this traditional f inish.

Austrian blinds are a classic sty le of window cover ing combining the fullness and drape of a curtain with the practicality of a blind. The pull cord in an Austrian Blind raises the blind,giving a billowing effect,while beautifulwide pleats are visible when the blind has been lowered.

Austrian blinds are distinguished by their subtle elegance among other curtains. They provide exquisite luxury and splendor for home. They are idea l for living rooms and banqueting halls.We recommend Austrian blinds for all persons,w ho respect exceptional beauty.

Austrian Blinds are generally made up in lightweight curtain f abrics,they will hang better and exc lude more light if they are lined. They can be hung inside or outside the window recess. If they are hung outside the recess they can be f rilled at the side and bottom edges. However,if they are hung inside the recess,they look better if a f rill is added to the bottom edge only.

Press and drape heading tape is attached to the top edge so that the blind can be hung f rom a blind track or a wooden batten. Grio taoe w ill be needed if a wooden batten is used.

Indoor ceiling curtain is assembled by motor,driven device,supporting components and blinds. The angle between fabric and level is less than 75 degress that use for shading device of transparent roof in horizontal, inclined,curved position. Ceiling curtain is divided into rolling shaft ceiling curtain,folding ceiling curtain, pleated ceiling curtain,louver ed ceiling curtain. Rolling shaft ceiling curtain is divided into FTS and FSS.

Product Fu nctions:

Sun-sha ding,anti-dizzy,prevent interior temper ature effects and reduce energy consumption.

Applicable Places:

Glass ceiling,sun room and others.