Glass Cleaning Robot

Rotational Speed


High-pressure Vacuum Suction


Better Stability

Deep Cleaning


  • It can perform its cleaning magic on different types of glass.
  • From frosted windows to colored and tinted windows, and even Thermopane(In between Glasses).
  • Itcan make every glass window sparkling shine

Edge Detection

  • It is perfectly suitable for frameless windows.
  • Due to its Ball Sensors that allow it to intelligently detect the edges of frameless glassto prevent the window cleaning robot from falling.
  • Square shape can precise edge cleaning.

Safety System

By adding the extension cord,the Power Cord can reach up to 4.3 meters long,and with the safety pod and tether,cleaning high rise widnows and safer.

It has an on-board Back-up Power System that allows it to stay on the window for at least 30 minutes after a power outage.