What is Automated Vehicle Tracking

Automated Vehicle Tracking is a information and communication system that offers SMS & web-based updates specifying the location and other critical parameters of your vehicle at any given time. It also allows the vehicle owner to monitor as well as control various aspects of the vehicle’s functions and performance. Once fitted user can monitor information of vehicle moment, vehicle route at different time intervals and other critical parameter

How does it work

A GPS unit receives current vehicle location from the satellite.A GSM unit (mobile phone SIM Card/phone) is used to transmit vehicle position via SMS or GPRS to the JVM Central Server (JCS).User can access the JCS at any time through Internet to determine the current location and recent movement history of the vehicle.User can also control and monitor the vehicle through SMS.

Features :

  • Tracking Position.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Acc Detection.
  • Geo-fence, Mileage statistics.
  • Movement Alert.
  • Over-speed Alert.
  • SOS alarm and Voice monitoring function.
  • Ignition detection and tele-cutoff and Fuel Level Indication Function