Home Automation

Home Automation is a growing industry and a popular trend. It is a great new tool for making your house environment friendly, using green technology, and using intelligent touch panel or any other computer in the world to control and monitor household appliances and their energy consumption. Intelligent House Systems are designed to make your living easier and more enjoyable. With a tap on touch control panel or a simple push of a button on a stylish remote control, you can dim the lights, close the shades, set a comfortable temperature, and cue up your favourite movies in your luxury home theatre. Effortlessly synchronize all functions based on your lifestyle and preferences. Trueview Home Automation Products are designed eliminating complications of pairing and cabling . DIY design makes these products customer’s first choice looking at the comfort and the latest technology they offer. Some of the salient features of Home Automation Products are:


  • 1 Button ON/OFF Module (White)

  • 1 Button ON/OFF Module (White)

  • Dimmer Module (White)

  • 2 Button ON/OFF Module (White)

  • Fan Module (White)

  • Curtain Module (White)
  • Product code : 9465

  • Model number : TV-SL-USBPORT USB Port
  • Product code : 9463

  • Model number : TV-SL-IREMITTER IR Emitter
  • Product code : 1327

  • Model number : TV-SL-REMOTE Remote
  • Product code : 1325

  • Model number : TV-SL-GATEWAY Gateway