Home Automation

Automation makes energy saving happen!

Save energy according to occupancy, light level, time of day and temperature Always forget to turn lights off? With the use of occupancy sensors, lights as well as pre-set scenes automatically turn on or off as you move from one room to another.The light level can also be adjusted automatically depending on the availability of natural light for a constant brightness of the room.

Enjoy the best ambience while optimizing energy consumption Not every occasion needs the lights wasting power at their maximum brightness. You don't need to turn everything off to save energy. Simply recall a pre-set scene to enjoy optimal ambience while eliminating wastage .

Time scheduling ensures peace of mind whi le providing energy savings Instead of wasting energy pretending you're at home by turning on the lights all day, simply create different presets for different times that turn lights on and off to discourage intruders while saving energy too.

Fox Domotics Wi-Fi Light control systems are networ k based intelligent lighting control solution that incor porates communication between various Wi-Fi enabled systems like smart phones,laptop or computers. Light control systems are used in both indoor and outdoor lighting for commercial,industrial,and residential areas. Light control system can be controlled to provide the right amount of light wher e and when it is required.

The light control system gives maior advantage over stand alone lighting controls or conventional manual switching. Light control system provides ability to control individual lights or groups of lights f rom single user interf ace device. Complex lighting scenes can be created and thus multiple light sources can be controlled f rom a user device. This gives the advantage for creating multiple scenes pre-set for each activities for a room.A maior advantage of light control system is reduced energy consumption. Lamp lif e is increased w ith dimming control and switching off lights when not in use. Wi-Fi light control systems provide additiona l benefits for controlling lights directly through mobile device which is the most used device by any user.

Fox Domotics range of Wi-Filight control system comes in variant type.Following are the classif ication based

  • Standa rd based light control systems
  • Wi-Fi based light control systems

Based on remote we provide IR and RF type Light Control System in all above variants. Capacitive touch f ront panel is common in all above device.

  • IR or RF remote
  • Capacitive touch f ront panel
  • Wi-Fi Networ k Communication
  • Android apps for controlling your entire home through Wi-Fi
  • This is the master control panel for entire home
  • Manage your rooms like living room,master bed room etc.
  • Manage your devices per room.
  • Give logical name to each zone like blue light,yellow light,halogen etc.
  • Four scene control for each room which is common to remote and touch.
  • Manage scene for entire home one can create unlimited scene for his home .
  • Manage user you are going to control it through mobile devices or laptop.
  • Create once and then sink it to all mobile devices without any hassle.
  • Unlimited home scene control for entire home.
  • Very easy and user f riendly user interf ace.
  • Get advantage of local control when at home (faster speed)
  • Control your home f rom anywhere through inter net.

Wi-FiLight control system is Wi-Fi inbuilt system with an elegant glass f inish.The f ront glass f inish gives the best looks to blend with any wa ll design. The glass comes in 2 va riant white with gold and black with gold.Both have its own richness and it's more of your c hoice according to your wa ll color.

FDL33X model is compact 6 zone light control system.It has 3 dimmer zones and 3 on/off zone.This big is enough for a master bed room of la rge size where light are more often used more to create the best ambient as per the owners c hoice.

With Wi-Fiinbuilt it connects to your home Wi-Fi networ k directly and thus you can control f rom your smart phone apps directly.

With home gateway insta lled you can even control this device f rom on the go almost f rom anywhere through inter net connectivity. Thus giving you the power to monitor and control your home smart devices f rom a lmost anywhere.

This is a product for bled of both class and comfort.